Bridge between Nigeria, Europe & Africa

General Trading

Bigger's Inter'l Trading Company Ltd, import/export, and distribution of various Jockey products and commodities such as food, beverage, commodities, and raw materials. We buy and sell products specifically tailored to customer and market needs. Through market research and unique consumer insight, the company seeks to deliver value by providing products that are either not easily obtainable in the marketplace or are in low supply. Our primary market is Africa as we possess a deep understanding of customer needs in the local markets and have a track record of delivering unique products at acceptable price points.

Sourcing & Procurement

Bigger's Inter'l Trading provides expertise in the area of sourcing and procurement in a range of machinery & equipment tailored to customer's needs. We are backed by a wide array of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), as well as buying houses and key vendors in the Nigeria and Europe. The company delivers comprehensive procurement services to Nigeria and African businesses/projects spanning various industries, such as oil & gas, marine, construction, government agencies, and more. The company strives to reduce purchasing costs and minimize buying activity whilst increasing value. We handle freight shipping, clearing, and warehousing whilst offering competitive rates, efficient, reliable, responsive, and on-time delivery with high-quality customer experience.

Sales Services, Distribution & Joint Venture Partnerships

Bigger's Inter'l Trading Company Ltd offers exciting opportunities for many suppliers and manufacturers seeking international exposure to the African and Nigerian markets. The company acquires distribution rights across consumer sectors through joint ventures, distribution agreements, and direct equity acquisition. Through our trading activities, the company holds a strong sales and distribution network by leveraging on a mix of third-party, wholesale, and direct-distribution models. Our distribution channel covers Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Benin Republic. The company brings a market-development mind-set and thus puts primary importance on investing in consumer education in order to drive sales growth and develop specific consumer insights. Overall, we possess a deep understanding of the African local consumer market. 

Bigger's Inter'l Trading Company Ltd

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