Bigger's Inter'l Trading Company Ltd is a Nigeria based trading company, with decades of experience in delivering value through buying, selling, sourcing, and supply of various commodity products, and special equipment to international customers worldwide. The company is involved in servicing a wide range of sectors such as consumer wholesale & retail.

In the consumer sector Bigger's Inter'l Trading Company Ltd holds sales and distribution rights for Jockey brands in Africa and has private label agreements with India/Bangladesh manufacturers. The company holds a strong competitive advantage through synergy between its business activities with attention to market data and market opportunities. Overall, Bigger's Inter'l Trading Company Ltd ultimate advantage is its total focus on delivering customer satisfaction and providing accessibility to desirable products.


To deliver unquestionable value in the supply and partnership of vital products to our customers through time and cost savings in select market segments to customers

To identity market opportunities for products (goods and equipment) with potential for scale and growth through market data and analysis

To establish durable and sustainable partnerships with suppliers and customers

To grow shareholder equity value and achieve acceptable rates of return through optimal capital allocation and efficient cash flow management.

Bigger's Inter'l Trading Company Ltd

7, Adeyeri Adeoye St.
Ogun, Nigeria

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